Vertical surfaces!

This week Porto Playgroup took painting to the next level! We usually see our kids sitting on a table to paint, this time we experimented the VERTICAL PAINTING! A new challenge for the little ones who worked on their coordination and flexibility all while having fun. With this wonderful weather it was really nice to … Continue reading Vertical surfaces!

Festival of Lights!

This week at Porto Playgroup we celebrated the Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights! Wherever it’s celebrated you will see a lot of candles and beautiful and colourful patterns called rangoli used for decorations. And so we did at playgroup 🙂 Our kids coloured rangoli on paper and made candle holders, all very different and … Continue reading Festival of Lights!

Let’s bake!

This time we were lucky enough to have Ana Fonseca returning from 'O Pão de Terra' to guide us on another 'Adult Focus' session of making bread. An extraordinary selection of roll shapes where molded, baked and eaten. Thank you Ana! And thank you all for coming!