Porto Playgroup – September 2019

Porto playgroup returned from the summer break with a session on Mandalas, where older children had the chance to create their own using scissors and coloured paper and our younger members discovered some of nature’s mandalas in the form of pinecones, halved fruit and flowers. Snack time of course, followed on the theme ☺ The … Continue reading Porto Playgroup – September 2019

Christmas – St. James’ Anglican Church

Christmas is approaching. Find some information if you would like to join Christmas services at St. James' Anglican Church. Download the full program for St. James' Church - Christmas 2018    Official website.

Summer Free Play – week 2

This week at Porto Playgroup the kids played outside making muddy soups while some others used the arts and crafts material to color inside. We celebrated the birthday of one of our regular boy with a delicious cake  and lots of  balloons and welcomed some new families to the group!

São João!

Last Wednesday we celebrated S. João! One of our regular families volunteered to organise the set up of a very traditional 'Cascata de S. João'. Children had to paint a scene from our city, and then pick up fresh moss from the church grounds to accommodate the traditional clay figurines against the scenario.